I had this joke that I kept going to Warsaw [click here for the rest of the photos, all taken in July 2008] but was destined never to SEE it… I had had two 8-hour layovers there, but, both times, I was too exhausted to leave the airport. Then, at the start of my trip through the Baltics, I spent an entire day there just about, but was weighed down by all of my luggage (a nice young woman from Couchsurfers was going to watch it for me while I traveled to other countries, but she was at work all day).Upon my return, I finally had my day in Warsaw (6am to 10pm)…
Unfortunately, the Warsaw curse continued in that (1) My camera’s batteries died when I still had hours left in the city! and (2) I was, once again, utterly exhausted. Because of this, I didn’t go to the slightly far away palaces or botanical gardens. (Though I did make it to the Jewish cemetery). The good news, though, is that Warsaw’s city center is so picturesque, and so packed with stunning churches, that I had a great time just taking it easy, hopping from one church service to another (it was a Sunday) so I could take pictures at the end, without disturbing people during  worship. These are the last photos I took in Europe.

Albums from the 2008 Baltics trip:


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