Jūrmala (Majori & Dubulti)

As Lonely Planet explains it, “Jūrmala (pronounced yoor-muh-lah) is a long string of townships with Prussian-style villas, each unique in shape and decor,” and is “the Baltic’s version of the French Riviera”. In other words, it’s a beach resort area (near Riga). Click here for my photos of it! The two main touristy towns are Majori and Dzintari, but my photos are of Majori & Dubulti (I’ll explain why in a second).
After I explored Majori, I tried to walk to Dzintari (1 km away), by way of the beach, I ended up going the wrong way and walked to Dubulti instead. This might have been due to the fact that I was extremely exhausted; this was the same day I walked 25+ km in Gauja National Park.
My exhaustion-induced error was not a problem, though, because in Dubulti I found this odd but fun piece of property with a bunch of wooden carvings of fairytale creatures. I actually just today learned what it was, after all these years. It was “The House of Fairytales” (Latvian name Undīne), “established in 1995 by conservation movement The Green Order, which is active in issues of poverty, drug addiction and environmental destruction” (source). The place serves as a free “venue for poetry readings, lectures, workshops, musical performances and other ritualistic events based around the sun’s calendar” (ibid.). I guess you never know what you’ll stumble into when traveling!

Aside from Warsaw (which, of course, isn’t part of the Baltics), which will be the next travel post, this wraps up my series of albums focused on my trip though the Baltics. I hope I’ve tempted you to visit Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia some day! They are all gorgeous.

Complete Set of Posts/Albums from the 2008 Baltics trip:



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