Church of St. Peter & St. Paul (Vilnius)

St. Peter & Paul Church, “a treasure trove of sparkling white stucco sculptures of real and mythical people, animals and plants, with touches of gilt, paintings and statues. The decoration was done by Italian sculptors between 1675 and 1704” (Lonely Planet). Since it’s a “whopping” 2.5 km (that’s 1.55 miles) from the center of Vilnius, many tourists don’t bother to see this church, which is a huge shame and their loss. I know I’ve already posted a billion pretty European church photos, and just did that, in fact, for Vilnius (see previous post), but I swear this one is just jaw-dropping. That’s why it gets its own album. I literally get the shudders just looking at these photos and remembering. All photos taken in July of 2008.

PS. Another reason the “trek” to this church is worth it is that about 2 km past the church there’s a very cool cemetery, very rich historically. I’ll post about it in the next travel post.

Complete Set of Posts/Albums from the 2008 Baltics trip:


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