Deep Dish #2

I posted earlier about our first experience making homemade deep dish pizza. It was so good that we couldn’t wait to try it again, using the same recipe. We decided to go gourmet this time (by which I mean “be even bigger food snobs than normal”) and invent our own pizzas making use of (leftover) fancy ingredients. We already knew spinach was good in deep dish, and we know from this other recipe we make that asparagus and spinach go together well, so I that’s what I put in mine. (The asparagus is pre-cooked, although less than I’d usually cook it.)

It definitely worked! Here’s a close-up of one of the slices (below). (It looks a little weird because it’s actually cold leftovers, photographed the next day before being popped into the oven for a re-heat.) Do you think I can call it “aspinnagus”?

The BF also made a pizza (see below), with different special ingredients: Spinach + broccoli + a little blue cheese + pine nuts. Tasty!

Photos taken in May, 2013.


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