Finally, Salad for Dinner Again!

We’d been eating a lot of heavy foods (deep dish 2x in two weeks (4x if you count leftovers!), pasta, chili…), partly by chance and partly because the huge batch of fresh food we bought was running out, and we kept putting off shopping. I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to the nearby cheap-o grocery place to buy some basic fresh stuff. It had been way too long since we’ve had salad for dinner, so this tasted great.

It’s just spinach, a little lettuce, thinly sliced carrot, zucchini, and red and green pepper, + dressing, croutons (! they’re exciting because we almost never buy them), and salt & black pepper. The dressing is my usual go-to dressing, which is the one in Gordon Ramsay’s mixed tomato salad.

Photo taken September 4, 2015.


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