Deep Dish

Despite my Chicago/Chicago-land roots, I had never really tried deep dish pizza. I tried it a few times at The BF’s urging and liked it, and in 2013 we got around to making it ourselves. I thought our first try turned out fantastic—and not just in a “for a first try” kind of way, but legitimately. (The BF, sort of a deep dish connoisseur, was more discerning.) It wasn’t quite as good as Uno’s, but better than most (if not all) other deep dish places we had tried or have tried since, especially *ahem* Burt’s and Pequod’s.

Crust, and crust with mozzarella (the first layer).

The recipe we used was this, obtained from, a site dedicated to people obsessed with discovering the perfect Chicago deep dish recipe. We did slightly modify the recipe though, and I’m sad to say that, since it’s been several years now, I can’t recall exactly what we did. I do know that the main thing was that, instead of doing all regular flour, we did a mix of semolina + regular flour, to get that slightly biscuit-y, cornbread-y taste. (I think the other thing involved butter somehow.) Other tips:

  • We used San Marzano canned tomatoes, as mentioned in the PDF. The sauce matters a lot.
  • We used King Arthur’s flour for the non-semolina flour. (It’s a slightly more expensive brand.)
  • We used Star brand olive oil (“Original”; as the recipe says, do not use extra virgin for this).

Then, spinach and broccoli, and more sauce and cheese.

Finally, I have to admit that this recipe is (a) expensive (mainly because of the mozzarella) and (b) a pain in the butt due to involving measurements like “0.34 tsp”, but that’s just how it is, because the people who made the recipe are perfectionists. It’s worth it in the end but I can also see how this is not something you’d do often if you had a decent deep dish place near you.

The BF’s pizza, ready to go into the oven.

For this first pizza, The BF made cheese and I made spinoccoli (spinach + broccoli), in honor of the great one we had at Uno’s.

The BF’s perfect cheese deep dish, fresh out of the oven.

Spinoccoli deep dish, also fresh out of the oven.

Digging into the spinoccoli.



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