Dubrovnik (Croatia) is a stunning coastal town, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, notable for the city walls you can stroll around for fabulous views. Here are the photos from my June 2007 visit.

Other posts from this same trip (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia): [Krka & Skradin]

PS: This post is (unintentionally) awkwardly timed… Hungary has just finished building a razor-wire fence across its border with Serbia, in reaction to the immigrant crisis. Hungary isn’t a final destination for the immigrants; they’ve just been passing through, but Hungary is not happy about it. This blocks the path I myself took twice (for this trip, which was via Sarajevo, and a trip to Belgrad). I need to share a disclaimer: When I wax poetic about Hungary, it’s complicated… I have a soft spot for Hungary, for reasons both objective and subjective, just due to its role in my life story. That being said, I do not agree with much of their politics and have definitely never agreed with the way most Hungarians treat the Roma (“gypsies”). The good news though? (1) Apparently, it’s possible to just lift the fence, or travel through gaps in it. (2) A government does not = its people; many Hungarians are working tirelessly to aid these people fleeing from persecution and war. 

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