“Grandma Maroni’s Meatballs”

This supposedly 100 year old recipe of “Grandma Maroni” is the first and only meatball recipe I’ve used, because it just feels… We use these in spaghetti (obviously) but also meatball sandwiches. (Well, that or I keep taking “just one!” of them from the fridge to snack on cold and plain, because they’re that good, and then I run out and am sad.) We follow the recipe quite closely, but, some minor comments:

  • If money or easy access to fresh produce is an issue, you can use dried parsley and dried basil rather than fresh. It’s a food snob no-no, but whatever. Life goes on.
  • For me, these usually turn out 70% ball-shaped and 30% patty-shaped, instead of staying really round. I think it’s from the grease, and that that’s why they turned out rounder the one time I browned the beef a little first (just enough so that some, but not a lot, of the grease came out, so I could discard it). I’ve yet to fully confirm this though (because I keep forgetting to try it again).
  • You can make these vegetarian by using a meat substitute. The BF does it every time.

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