Krka National Park & Skradin

If you look at World’s Top Ten Beautiful Places lists, you’ll often see a national park in Croatia called Plitvice listed. And for some reason it’s always Plitvice, never the other one, Krka National Park. Well, Krka is the one I happen to have been to and, as far as I can tell, it is every bit as gorgeous. See (my photos) for yourself! This was part of a nine-day trip island-hopping down and up the Dalmation Coast (June of 2007).

The main attractions at Krka are Skradinski Buk (the waterfall pictured above), Roški Slap (other falls, that you take a boat to), and Visivac (an island monastery, which you of course also need to take a boat to), but, honestly, you really could skip the boat stuff. The album also has photos of Skradin, the town from which you take the boat to Krka. I slept there so I could be ready and waiting for the earliest boat, so I could spend as many hours at Krka as possible.

Krka floored me. I’d never seen anything like it. I remember just staring and finding it unbelievable that (a) places like this exist and (b) I, just a regular person, can just GO to them.* By myself, for no reason, simply because I heard about it and wanted to. It was very liberating.

*I lived/worked in Hungary at the time, so yes going to Croatia was much easier and cheaper then than it would be now, but still! Everyone’s got places worth visiting within a few hundred mile radius, so what are you waiting for? 


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