Cold & Spicy Soba* Noodles

Today’s recipe, cold and spicy soba noodles, is another from Leanne Brown’s Good & Cheap. My own two cents: (1) Do use soba, not spaghetti, noodles. (2) Consider the peanut sauce, spice oil, and grated carrot essential rather than optional! We use Brown’s recipe (also in Good & Cheap) for the spice oil (see related post) and this She Simmers recipe for the peanut sauce (see related post). Brown has a recipe for peanut sauce too, actually. (3) Throw some peanuts in, because why not.

Also, (4) If  you think you’re going to have leftovers, put peanut sauce only on the amount you want to eat. It’ll prevent you from having to deal with runny leftovers because you can pour or blot out the liquid first (from the cucumbers) and stir the peanut sauce thoroughly before adding it. Don’t pre-add the peanuts either, or they’ll lose their crunch.

*Having trouble finding the recipe in the PDF/book? It’s actually called Cold & Spicy Asian Noodles. I altered it to be more specific.


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