Bachelor’s Grove

Bachelor’s Grove cemetery (Midlothian, Illinois) is said to be the most haunted cemetery in America. As far as I know, there’s no real reason for this other than the fact that Chicago gangster (quite possibly) dumped bodies in the nearby lagoon. That would explain the ghost gangster cars, and *some* of the ghosts, but not orbs, lady on the tombstone, the monsters and all the other stuff people claim are there. Oh and also supposedly someone hung himself near the road.

Back around when I was starting college, I was really interested in going there. My family has always been into cemeteries for their ancestral-historical value, and it turns out that the one stone there that they claim is haunted in its own right bears my mom’s mom’s maiden name, so I wanted to see that stone and try to figure out who it was. Plus I’d just heard that the cemetery was really creepy and abandoned and cool, not to mention the whole “haunted” thing. I finally wound up going with my dad and little brother…

Bachelor’s Grove was lush, green, pretty, quiet, and peaceful. Everything was¬†extremely¬†overgrown, waist-high grass and all that. And what made it really special that day was that the people who voluntarily watch out for the cemetery (it’s popular among ghost hunters, and for its historical value, AND there are jerks who go there and do things like dig up people’s bones and smoke them) had laid fresh flowers on every single stone.

I’d offer you more photos but given when this happened (May 2005, the same day as the koi photos), my photo resolution and camera skills were hardly up to par! I hope Bachelor’s Grove is still there and doing alright these days.


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