Thai Peanut Sauce & Carrot Sticks

Each time we’ve made peanut sauce (for satay, and for a noodle dish that the next food post will be about), we’ve had leftovers, and had to get creative about using them up. The best secondary use I’ve found for it, by far, is simply using it as a dipping sauce for carrots cut into matchsticks. I’m sure it’s great with other veggies, too. I’ve also dipped apple slices in it, and put it into a pita filled with grilled veggies.

The recipe we use is this one, from She Simmers. Note: If the sauce is too thick for easy dipping, you can thin it out with water (or more coconut milk, but we don’t do that because then we’d end up wasting the rest of the can of coconut milk).



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