Pumpkin Pie

I’m proud of this pumpkin pie success (2012), and here’s why: It was my first time making pumpkin pies and so, to make things easy on myself, I was going to use store-bought crusts so I’d only have to worry about the filling (which I made using a can of Libby’s pumpkin puree and the recipe on the can telling me what else was required.) It was a big can so it was going to be enough for two pies.

At the last second, I realized that my store-bought crusts were no good (and driving to the grocery store was not an option given the time of day and the evil traffic), so had to look up crust recipes that I could make myself using the ingredients I had on hand. I wasn’t at all prepared for that, and had never made my own pie crust before. I ended up going with this *spiced* pumpkin pie crust recipe from Chowhound, partly because it sounded so tempting and partly because it was the one I had the stuff for. Much to my surprise, everything worked out perfectly, and I was so glad!

Holy cow I need a pumpkin pie right now.


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