Yosemite 2015: Halfdome Hike

This album finishes off all my Yosemite trips/photos. We were invited to Yosemite by family (with whom we did the things shown here) and tacked on an extra day to try our luck in the lottery for permits for the Half Dome hike. And we got them! So the trek began.

The Half Dome hike is quite famous [see Yosemite | Wikipedia | TripAdvisor | Everytrail | Yelp | etc.] It’s not as brutal as they make it sound… It IS 16 miles or so, with a gain in elevation of 4,800 feet, but it doesn’t need to take you 12 hours. We were *really* out of shape and out of practice, hadn’t camped/hiked in months, and still did it much faster than that. HOWEVER, I will admit that we were exhausted by the end, and even worse was the way we felt for 2-3 days after. Going down stairs nearly brought me to tears, and my legs were sore for well over two weeks, which is the longest post-adventuring recovery time I’ve ever had. It was well worth it though!

It was very hard to pick highlights for this album so I hope you’ll just check out the entire thing (36 photos). I promise there’s good stuff in there!

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