Fragrant Orange Slices

This recipe, Fragrant Orange Slices (I just call it Orange Salad, actually) is one where you don’t really have to bother to remember the amounts; just remember the ingredients. It’s another one from Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food, which is very much worth the mere $14 it’s currently selling for.

Ingredients: 4 large oranges, 1 and a half tbsp honey (“runny honey” for people in the UK, apparently), 1 tbsp of orange blossom water, a pinch of ground cinnamon, and a 1/2 cup of roughly chopped toasted walnuts (or pistachios). Directions: The tricky part is cutting up the oranges into slices that don’t have too much of the nasty white pith on them. Display the thinly sliced oranges beautifully on a plate and then drizzle the honey + orange blossom water (blended) over them. Top with the nuts mixed with cinnamon.

My two cents:

  • I usually make it with just one or two oranges, not four. Think 1-2 oranges per person eating it.
  • I’ve used rosewater in place of the orange blossom water (because I didn’t have orange blossom water yet), and that was good too (though orange blossom water is preferable, for obvious reasons).
  • Orange blossom water can be found at Persian supermarkets (but that requires you to *have* a Persian supermarket near you in the first place, of course). Or you could order it online.
  • I recommend *candied* walnuts* (don’t toast them) in place of regular ones. That’s what’s in the photos here.
  • I prefer walnuts to pistachios in this recipe, even though I like pistachios a lot.

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P.S. From now on, posts will go up at 9am California time, rather than 8am.


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