Cute Creature Interlude

A squirrel sticking his head into a hole for water. Photo taken Feb. 5th, 2015. By the Sacramento River.

I’d like to add a new feature to this blog, the “cute creature interlude”. (Heads up: I extend the attribute of cuteness to more creatures than most people would). The reason is that I have quite a few great animal photos that aren’t associated with any travel album; they’re just from my own neighborhood, etc. We have over a half dozen bird species that visit us daily, for example. Besides, this way all three words in the blog’s name will be reflected in the photos.

I’ve actually already gotten away with this twice in the past: There were these “winter squirrels” on March 4th, and this adorable skink on January 3rd. So, from now on, when I have a good critter photo to share, I’ll slip it in amongst the food and travel photos.


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