Ameland (island), the Netherlands

My time spent on this little island (it contains four small towns: Ballum, Hollum, Nes & Buren) involved a bad-thing-turned-good that kicked off two years of true adventuring all around eastern/central Europe. It’s possibly my best and craziest Europe story… but if I shared every little thing online, then people would have no reason to get to know me, right? All I’ll say here is that I found myself trapped on this island jobless and about to be homeless, my plans for a year abroad having come to ruin, and unable to so much as call someone who cared. *But*, after much aimless bike-riding back and forth across the island, some inspiring reading, soul-searching, a healthy rant or two into the wind while sheep stared on blankly, I resolved to stay abroad however I could. After a half dozen hours at the island’s one, overpriced internet cafe, I landed a job in Hungary, and just kind of closed my eyes and went for it. Two awesome years of working in Hungary, Ukraine and the Czech Republic—and lots of traveling–followed.


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