Rosemary & Cider Potatoes

I had this spur of the moment urge to fry up some hearty chunks of potato, and wasn’t sure how to flavor them, so I went with rosemary (this has wound up being a favorite of mine; more on that in future posts). Also, since we happened to have it on hand at the time and The BF was even half-way through drinking one, I also splashed in some Woodchuck brand apple cider (not sure of the exact flavor; they have a lot). People cook stuff in beer, right? So I figured why not.

The result was tasty although I might have foregone the rosemary and used something else, instead, if I had known from the start that I’d also be adding apple cider. The flavors didn’t actually seem to clash, but, I dunno, it just seems like a strange combination. But what would go with cider?

Note/Tips: Because these were especially large chunks of potato, I microwaved them (maybe 2-3 minutes?) before frying, so they wouldn’t wind up undercooked on the inside, and of course for frying I used a little oil (olive oil, in this case).


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