Breakfast Sandwich

I don’t know how it’s possible that I haven’t yet shared with you my love of my egg-muffin-sausage-cheese breakfast sandwiches, but I will make up for the delay today with photos of three different sandwiches. I get hungry just looking at them. Some tricks to making them are…

  • Use 1.5 sausages (all these are made with morning star veggie sausages). Cut the whole one in half too, open it up like pacman, and tuck the half of the other one inside pacman’s mouth.
  • Stir the egg before frying, at least enough to break the yolk and mix it up a bit. Use a flipper to try to get the egg to be in a circular patty shape of just the right size.
  • Toast the English muffin a bit in a toaster oven, add cheese and then toast a bit more. The hot egg and sausage will help the cheese melt too.
  • If you’re using morning star sausage patties, microwave them first, then fry them in a little oil/cooking spray.


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