Leftover Potato-Rajas-Stuff Quesadillas

The more I cook, the more I learn how to efficiently use leftovers. After making tasty potato rajas, you’ll find yourself with three different amounts of the three different kinds of cheese involved (cotija, panela, and manchego), and, since they’re not super-cheap, you won’t want to let them go to waste. I suggest making quesadillas out of them!

When you buy the stuff for rajas, just be sure to buy some flour tortillas (in addition to the corn tortillas the rajas recipe calls for), and a few extra jalapenos. Use any amount of the each of the cheeses (I would say “to taste,” but it’s more like “based on what you’ve got”). You can also mix it with sharp cheddar. Add jalapeno and whatever else you want. Salt, black pepper, bacon bits, and sometimes cayenne pepper are my go-to ingredients, and roasted pepper (bell, jalapeno, pasilla, whatever) is amazing if you have it on hand or are willing to make it.

You don’t have to bother with the pre-cutting and squishing cheese out that I recommend over here because (sadly) this cheese doesn’t really work like that. (It sort of does if you mix cheddar in, though!) But, otherwise, cook it in the same way, i.e., use a small/moderate amount of butter in the pan (re-buttering between sides, if necessary) rather than cooking spray or oil, and don’t turn the heat up too high.

Top with whatever you’ve got: Salsa and/or sour cream, and we like to buy cilantro for the potato rajas (even though it’s not in the recipe), and then we get to use that for the quesadillas as well. Chives work too. Enjoy!


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