Layover in Paris

I was in Paris for all of eight hours (a train layover, which I planned on purpose, in 2006), and two of those hours were lost to a tedious transfer (from one train station to another) and storage of my luggage. That left me *just* enough time to see Notre Dame, and the Sacré-Coeur. The Eiffel Tower I saw only from a distance. Click here or on any of the photos to see the 27-photo album. All in all, I felt I did pretty well for just six hrs of tourist time, on nearly no sleep!

PS. I really wanted to see Notre Dame (the two photos above are the view from inside up, up high) because I had, years before, read The Hunchback of Notre Dame—which, in French, is just called Notre Dame de Paris. It’s very much about the building itself, and part of Hugo’s purpose in writing it was to try to get people to understand, appreciate and protect it and other Gothic buildings. It’s also possibly the epitome of just a GOOD story, with great characters and an intriguing plot. I need to fit fiction into my life again…


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