Egg with Smoked Gouda, on English Muffin

Just a little something simple, part of a tasty breakfast: Scrambled egg with flakes of smoked gouda (from Trader Joe’s) mixed in, placed on half an English muffin. (Salt and butter on the other half, yum.) I was trying to think of a creative way to use up my gouda, since I bought it for cheese and crackers but ran out of crackers. (The flecks in the egg are rosemary, by the way, from something else I cooked in the pan.)

To make it, you just beat the egg and then stir the gouda in, pour it into a hot, cooking sprayed pan, and then I guess the somewhat tricky part is using a spatula to shape the egg into a circular patty of the right size. I have a lot of practice, since this is how I make egg-sausage-cheese sandwiches too. The result, without even using that much gouda, was REALLY light, creamy and fluffy tasting.


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