Nyírbátor & Máriapócs (Hungary)

Nyírbátor & Máriapócs [click here to see the album] are two towns close to each other and to Nyíregyháza (where I lived for a few months), in the northeast of Hungary.

One of Nyírbátor’s claims to fame the Minorite Church with its carved wooden altars, particularly the one depicting the Passion of the Christ. It was indeed impressive, but I was equallly enamored of the scrap-metal dragon statue at the pond nearby (and the other metal statues, the pretty trees and benches, etc. It also has a more austere church, the Calvinist church (pictured above). Máriapócs is famous for its Greek Orthodox Basilica, a famous pilgrimage site because it is home to a weeping Madonna painting. Well, actually, technically they now only have a copy of the painting, but don’t worry; they say the copy weeps too.

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