Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

I couldn’t believe, given the drought in California, that this place had water! (Date of trip: April 2015). The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (near Davis and Sacramento) must be heaven for bird-watchers… We saw so many different kinds of birds that I had to google afterwards. Ones I have photos of and identified: Great Blue Heron, some sharp-tailed sandpipers, lots of American Coots, some American Avocets, a white-faced ibis (in breeding colors) (less sure about this one), and more! So check out the album to see these cuties, and the gorgeous landscape.

By the way, things we saw that I do NOT have photos of but that contributed to making the visit very worthwhile were dozens of red-winged blackbirds, a caspian tern (pretty sure; we saw its pointy wings when it was flying), an otter (!!!), some sort of hawk, various little birds cheeping and singing away in the reeds, and an endless supply of ducks. The ducks were *extremely* skittish though, which we figured was because it’s also a hunting area.


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