Panko-Tempura Veggies & Soy-Ginger Dipping Sauce

I’ve posted tempura before, but this time it has panko, and I’ve got a dipping sauce recipe for you!

Ingredients for the tempura:

  • Shrimp (optional)
  • Veggies of your choice: My bag of tempura mix suggests eggplant, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli and onion; here we did zucchini, carrots, regular potatoes, broccoli, and—even though it’s not typically in tempura—red bell pepper and asparagus. It’s hard to get the stuff to stick to the bell pepper but it tastes delicious.
  • Tempura mix (I don’t have a go-to brand, though I should; some are better than others)
  • Panko mix
  • Oil for frying
  • Cooked rice (white, jasmine, whatever)

Ingredients & Recipe for the Soy-Ginger Sauce:

Directions for the tempura:

  • Tip: Partly steam/microwave the veggies (except the red pepper, and it’s probably not necessary for the zucchini either) before cooking. We weren’t doing that at first and the broccoli and potatoes weren’t cooked enough. Other than that…
  • You can basically just follow the directions on the tempura and panko mix, or roughly follow them. We had four bowls: Panko mix, tempura mix and water, dry tempura mix, and a bowl for rinsing fingers. (It’s going to be messy.) You pat the cut/sliced veggies dry, roll them in dry tempura mix, then wet tempura mix, then panko. The panko says to dip them in egg first but that seems like it’d just rinse away the tempura mix, so I skipped that. As you batter them, put them on a plate and try not to have them touching each other too much. Then, fry away! Or have one person frying and another person battering.

This meal is quite messy to make and, to be honest, I think that if the tempura is done well-enough (sometimes it’s hard to get enough batter to stay on the food), the panko is nice but not necessary. The broccoli was the easiest to get both tempura and panko to stick to well, and the zucchini second-easiest.


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