Gyoza & Veggies No. 3

Today’s post is from another gyoza & steamed veggies night, such a great and quick meal. I actually didn’t make rice this time (I forgot until it I had already started cooking, and I was too hungry to wait), but it was fine because then I had room for more vegetables!

The veggies were (lightly) flavored using honey, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce (= teriyaki flavor, basically). First I boiled the carrots a little in the pan, then I drained almost all of the water and added the broccoli and steamed the two things a bit. I added the mushrooms at the very end, and then the flavoring. I topped it with roasted, salted cashews.

To make the gyoza I use a combination of boiling and frying. (I’m not sure how “right” it is but it’s what I’ve been doing for a while.) In the same pan I’m going to fry them, I heat water until it’s boiling, then throw them in (making sure they don’t stick to the pan, because frozen things tend to do that). After they’re defrosted and softened a bit, I remove them, dump the water, add a small/moderate amount of peanut oil to the pan, and return the gyoza to the pan when the oil is sizzling. Fry until crispy.

The dipping sauce is our trusted Trader Joe’s Soyaki, though we’re on still on the lookout for something new to mix things up.


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