Corn Soup

This corn soup recipe is from Leanne Brown’s Good & Cheap (free PDF version available here). Like chili and many other things, it’s a great thing to store in the freezer for later. Having made it four times now, advice I can add (which will make sense if you’re looking at the recipe) is this:

  • The broth: (1) No shame in doing the canned corn option. I suggest two cans for that, and then you can either that corn as the corn in the soup too (it’s enough, or nearly enough), or do what we do and remove half about of it (save it for a salad topping or side; it’s tasty like the broth yet also kinda… flat, in a way, because it gave its flavor to the broth), and leave the rest. Then add 2 cans of fresh corn. (2) She says you need 5 c. of broth by the end, but not how many cups to start with. I’ve come to learn that 7 (initial) cups works. I probably end up with more than 5 cups (even after all the boiling, I mean) but that’s fine because I include more stuff in the soup . (3) We often add vegetable bouillon (however many cubes or spoonfuls are meant to make as much as, I dunno, 3 cups of broth, but this is optional. (4) For more flavor, add onion or garlic powder (or actual garlic/onion) or more bay leaves.
  • More food! Go ahead and do two medium potatoes instead of one, feel free to add more bell pepper if you have it (last time we did 1.5 red bell peppers, because that’s what we had in the house). Add more celery (why not right? You’ve got it available.) I’d up the onion, too, if The BF wouldn’t complain. And if you do what I said with the broth, you’ll have more corn, too. Plus, that’ll solve the problem of your 2 cans of corn (14.5 oz each, instead of 16) not quite adding up to the 4 cups the recipe calls for.
  • Heat: Definitely use those chilis! We have these frozen thai chili peppers we got from 99 ranch and have been using 3-4 of those (almost with the full amt. of seeds).
  • Make garlic bread! You will not regret the extra effort.
  • This recipe becomes vegan if you substitute something (vegan butter? oil?) for the butter.

Other recipes from Good & Cheap that I’ve posted:  [paprika & cayenne popcorn]  [lime juice & chili popcorn]  [spice oil]


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