Pasta for Dinner

There is not much that is fully home-made in this photo but pasta, in general, deserves a post, because pasta dinners are great: With very little effort, you can feel like you’re eating a nice meal at a restaurant. Especially when you learn the joy of improving the store-made sauces (add hearty amounts of oregano and basil, and some parmesan), or full-out make your own, pasta takes on whole new dimensions. To make it heartier, add chunks of red bell pepper, onion, or (vegetarian) sausage. (Works best if you pre-roast or pre-fry them). Top it with parmesan, pesto and pine nuts, and serve with a side of garlic bread made in the toaster oven, and it’s even better.

Pasta meals are even something easy to make when camping, in a pot on the fire or with a jet-boil. We’re firm believers in having a decent meal to look forward to after a long day of hiking, and tortellini (for this we buy the dry type, of course, not the frozen type) seems to make it onto the menu for at least one dinner per camping trip.


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