Bicaz Canyon, Corund, Lázár Castle, church in Mugeni, Carpathians

This album, the third of my Oct. 2006 Romania trip, contains photos of the following places. Links to more Wikipedia articles, official websites, etc. can be found further down.

  • Bicaz Canyon (4 photos) (as seen from the road)
  • Corund/Korond village pottery shops (3 photos)
  • Lázár Castle (3 photos)
  • Calvinist, late Gothic church in Mugeni/Bögöz (2 photos) You can read about the church, famous for its medieval frescos and coffered ceiling, here, and there’s an absolutely stunning, high-quality interactive video of its interior here [if it doesn’t take you right to it, click Churches, then Calvinist Church Mugeni]. I *promise* the video is worth checking out—and don’t forget to look up, at that ceiling!
  • The Carpathians, and a little boy’s house there (11 photos)

About the house… On a whim, our guides stopped at a house in this house and checked to see if they’d let us quickly visit them. We gave as a gift to the little boy and his friend any and all chocolate or other treats we had on hand, and the family very graciously humored us. We entered and found ourselves in a room that served as kitchen, dining/living room and spare bedroom. It was like something out of a novel, complete with a bedridden but cheerful grandparent on a tiny sofa-bed. Turns out, it was the boy’s birthday, so of course we all sang happy birthday to him (in English, of course, since we were lame like that).

It must have been that kid’s most random birthday: One minute you’re quietly climbing trees in the yard with your best friend in your remote village in the Carpathians. The next minute, a bus-load of a dozen Americans swings by, asks for a tour of your house, gives you chocolate and popcorn, and sings you happy birthday? It was awesome of them to let us.

Additional links/details on the locations in this album:

  • Bicaz Canyon / Cheile Bicazului / Békás-szoros (EN/RO/HU). The road we were on is 12C. We were just passing through. [wikipedia | official site of national park it’s in]
  • Corund / Korond (RO/HU) [wikipedia | post on “True Romania” blog]
  • Lázár Castle, located in the commune of Lăzarea/Szárhegy (RO/HU) [wikipedia on the castle| wikipedia on Lázár family]
  • Mugeni / Bögöz (RO/HU). Located in the Ținutul Secuiesc / Székelyföld region, eastern Transylvania, Romania. (The eight-village commune is 98.82% ethnically Székely Hungarian).

Other Romania (2006) albums I’ve shared so far:



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