“The American Meal”

As much as The BF and I love our Thai food, Japanese food, Italian food, and fancy pants food of all sorts, we crave basic comfort food sometimes too. So when The BF had the idea for this “American meal” (he called it that for lack of a better name for the mac & cheese + mashed potatoes + veggie combo he had in mind, and the name stuck), I was instantly on board.

We were also in agreement over making the mac-n-cheese have crispy cheese bits in it, like last time, so we spread it thin over multiple casserole dishes. Success! The mac & cheese consists of noodles, sharp cheddar, a little butter, a little dijon mustard, a little cayenne, salt and black pepper. The veggies were cooked/steamed in a little water and a little butter, and salted, and the mashed potatoes are Idaho (or similar) potatoes, milk and butter (I think I use less milk and butter than most other people, making for firmer potatoes).


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