Sighișoara, Romania

Today’s album is the first of seven covering an Oct. 2006 trip to Romania, mostly Transylvania. I’m beginning by focusing on just one town, Sighișoara [wikipedia | googlemap]. The town is famous for being (sort of; it’s contested) the birthplace of “Dracula” (Vlad the Impaler). However—and as I’m sure the locals would gladly tell you—there’s a lot more to this pleasant, gorgeous little town than that bit of trivia. Like their medieval astronomical clock, and citadel church, and university.

P.S. Sighișoara is/was also known as Segesvár (Hungarian), Schäßburg (German), Schäsbrich or Šesburχ (Saxon), and Saxoburgum or Castrum Sex (Latin) [source 1, source 2]. Every town in Transylvania has both a Romanian and a Hungarian name, as you will see, and I will try always to provide both, but not all the other names a place might have.


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