Potato Rajas

This >>potato rajas recipe<< comes from Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Millikin of Border Grill, who shared it on thefoodnetwork.com. If you head over to the recipe, you’ll notice that there is a LOT going on (rajas, the tacos themselves, chipotle crema, border guacamole, and corn relish) but don’t worry; you don’t have to make it all. (As amazing as it all sounds, it would be a lot of work.) This, in my photo, is simply the rajas on a taco (and the taco wasn’t even fried), and it was delicious. That combination of cheeses—manchego, cotija, and panela—is fantastic.

And if you’ve never tried roasting red peppers the way they describe, definitely do! The broiler isn’t as good as putting them over the flame like we used to do at our old place, but the overall method is  great either way. If you think sauteed peppers taste good just wait until you roast them…



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