The Benriner Mandolin

I love the funny, unintentional sarcasm that results from the incorrect use of quotation marks.

This is not food, but highly relevant to many of the meals I prepare. This is my mandolin(e): The Benriner (wide; the narrow one would be useless), about $35 on Amazon and worth every penny. Since I trust that you all know how to use the internet, I won’t say much about it except two things: First, yes you should buy one. For the hash browns alone. And it will make anything involving sliced veggies a breeze.

Second, be careful. I first learned about mandolin(e)s when a friend posted on facebook about slicing off part of her finger. My dad bought one, and guess what he, too, promptly did? Four months later, he’s still regrowing that finger. Not trying to gross you out but I *am* trying to get you to take heed, okay? And maybe buy a cut-resistant glove. (I have one on the way.)

You should definitely buy the Benriner though.



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