Kaua’i: Waimea, Koke’e, Hanakapi’ai Falls

This is Kaua’i, “the Garden Island,” a place so beautiful that you kinda probably won’t even be able to handle it. This album contains photos of various lookouts off of Rte. 550 (Waimea Canyon Dr. & Koke’e Rd.), Awa’awapuhi Trail (one of the trails in Koke’e State Park, which leads to an absolutely glorious cliff lookout) & the Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail (on the North Shore). Limiting myself to five “highlight” photos for this album was near-impossible, even though the album contained only 41 photos, so I strongly encourage you to check out the other 36! The captions there will let you know exactly what you’re looking at, in case you plan to visit Kaua’i yourself!

Previous Kaua’i posts/albums: This & That (overlooks, cliff-jumping, beaches, blowholes, a rooster, & more)

All photos taken in September 2014.

Having recently seen the Grand Canyon, I can see now, more than before, why they call this “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”!


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