Fried Rice: “The Beginning”

IMG_1314I definitely need to post this because it’s the fried rice that started it all (for me). All my current versions descended from this. (Actually, this was the technically the second time I made it, not the first, and there’s already some improvisation). It’s this recipe, but with double or triple the chili paste, double of triple the tomato sauce, extra soy, and–the major addition–tofu!

I didn’t know an official way to go about doing the tofu so I just cut it into pieces as big as the pork in pork fried rice and slowly fried it up with as little grease as possible until it was near-crispy (this takes patience! but mushy tofu is icky) and it looked like a pan full of little hash brown bits rather than tofu. As it was cooking, I flavored it using the same things used for flavor in the recipe.

The tofu worked really well, and even tastes kind of meaty. We’ve done it so many times since. A great thing to know is that you can freeze the tofu after flavoring and frying a large batch of it, and then have it conveniently ready for the next time you make fried rice, too!

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