Nachos with Chive Flowers

IMG_3926What made these nachos (May 2012) photo-worthy was that, not having any green onions to top them with like I like to, I realized that I could use chives–AND their little purple flowers, which are edible and taste similar to the stems. Tasty! And it’s making me think…

Nachos are one of those things that everyone loves, but also a thing people can be particular about. (The bean to cheese ratio, acceptable types of cheese, the type of chip, which toppings are essential and which you can live without, etc.) As of late, when *I* do nachos, I mostly do refried beans, sharp cheddar (or “taco” or “mexican” cheese mixes), sometimes a few shakes of taco seasoning, something to make it spicy, sea salt, some sour cream (I’ll still make nachos if I don’t have sour cream, but it’s sad), and chopped green onion or chives. (After making the nachos in the photo, I realized chives are easier to have around, but I prefer the green onion). And I like triangle chips that are sturdy but not TOO thick. (I despise this brand because they cut my mouth up–though I feel bad dissing them after having just now learned they’re specific to Chicago-land.)

How do you like your nachos?


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