Chipotle Salsa (etc.)

???????????????????????????????Home-made chipotle salsa and chips for dipping–plus Spanish rice (store-bought mix), and quesadillas (I’m saving the details of how I make my quesadillas for another post…) The chipotle salsa recipe is from from wikihow. Ours was a little different, though, in a bad way and a good way: The bad way is that we forgot to buy cilantro. Tragedy! The good way is that, instead of just using “1-2 teaspoons adobo marinade from canned chipotle chilis” we used more than half of the entire (tiny, like 6-7 oz?) can, and by that I mean INCLUDING the peppers themselves, pulverized in a food processor. All in all, it was pretty tasty for a “lazy” dinner!



    1. I’m not sure how correct/official my quesadillas are, but my goal is to make them flaky, with crispy cheese on the edges. Thanks for sharing your pulled pork recipe!


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