Whole Wheat Carrot & Apple Sauce Muffins


A slightly different spin on your typical muffin, these call for whole wheat flour, honey instead of sugar, and applesauce. I came across the recipe (here it is) when wondering what I could do with my whole wheat flour.

Disclaimers: I don’t buy into the idea that using whole wheat magically makes your recipes healthy, or morally superior to recipes that do not use whole wheat. I also don’t believe that using something (in this case, honey) other than regular old granulated sugar to get your sugar fix is superior to getting it the more usual way. The thing is, these just TASTE REALLY GOOD! Besides, it’s important to experiment, and see if you like what certain substitutions (e.g., corn flour to batter things rather than regular flour, honey in place of sugar, peanut oil instead of vegetable oil, coconut cooking spray instead of butter spray, etc.) do to the taste and flavor of your recipes. I hope you can give these a try!


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