The BF’s Mac & Cheese


I’m normally barely interested in mac & cheese, but when The BF made a small impromptu batch of *this* using leftover pasta and cheese… He purposely bakes it nearly to the point of burning, so that, in addition to slightly-chewy bits that hold clumps of noodles together, the cheese also forms these flat, golden crisp parts that we were both coveting (in this photo, there’s one at the top left, and another at the top right). I think it had more of those than usual since it was such a small batch (meaning it was more thinly layered in the pan). With a touch of salt, this was DELICIOUS. I want more!

Tip: When you cook it this much, the oil in the cheese will separate from the cheese. You can blot this away, as he did, before serving, if you’d like to take the opportunity to make the meal a little healthier.


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