“Curry Rice” with Veggie Burger

For a few weeks before we moved to a new city, we did this thing where we kept grocery shopping minimal, saying we weren’t allowed to buy anything to buy anything except stuff that would help us use stuff we already had. I highly recommend you try this, whether you are moving or not! Just for a week or two. It resulted in me realizing that I had a *ton* of food to eat, *and* made me more creative in how I used it. This is a “Malibu burger” (veggie burger; a housemate gave us a bunch of them, so yay for free stuff) chopped up and mixed into The BF’s patented “curry rice” (white rice leftovers seasoned with curry powder, cumin, hot pepper flakes, garlic, salt and pepper, and a little soy), with Soyaki sauce (Trader Joe’s) drizzled over it all. Very tasty and super-quick.


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