Fried fish filet & rice

Fish makes for such a quick and easy yet fancy-looking lunch or dinner. My most typical fish meals looks like this one: Some sort of white fish (preferably catfish, but, more often, swai or something else), battered (first rub it with fresh-ground lemon-pepper & salt, then shake/roll in flour, cornflour, or a flour + cornflower mix plus whatever other spices you want–or put all the spices directly on the fish, like you did for the salt and pepper), then fried in very hot oil. (You could also bake it in aluminum foil in the oven, probably with lemon juice?) Lay it on white rice (I say white only because I always have it around, often pre-cooked) with peas and bits of carrot. Squeeze on some lemon juice (fresh or bottled; no judging here), sea salt, and more black pepper.

It turns out excellent every time, and I almost always have all the ingredients other than the fish handy, so it’s just a matter of picking up fish when I see it at a good price.¬† Of course, you can change the details to suit your taste or mood. Once I did this with some sort of “Cajun mix” powder mixed into flour and that was really good too. What do you coat your fish in? And what do you serve it with?


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