Crab Salad

Crab salad. The ingredients are curly pasta, sweet peas (definitely need to be sweet, not regular; they’re smaller and snap when you bite into them), real or fake crab (made of white fish), diced onion, and, for the goo, mayo or miracle whip (I use the latter, myself) + sour cream, spicy dijon mustard, black pepper, sea salt. I don’t even know anymore exactly what my mom’s original recipe calls for and I’m sure I’ve strayed from it, but I now do 50/50 miracle whip and sour cream, and a healthy glop of the mustard (like 1-2 tbsp if you’re doing half a pound of crab, which probably goes with half or 3/4 of a 1-lb box of pasta, if I recall correctly). Make sure there’s enough of the “sauce” or it won’t taste as good, especially the leftovers, which will be drier. Serve cold. Tip: With fake crab, I’ve learned to put EVERTYHING ELSE together before adding the crab, so the crab chunks don’t flake apart due to over-stirring.



    1. Hm? Wouldn’t it be one or the other, not both? At any rate, I just called it crab salad since it’s the same recipe whether it’s real or fake. (Also–though maybe this is just my own experience?–people seem to think that fake/imitation crab = fake meat, so I’d rather not put it in the title, where I can’t fit in an explanation.) Thanks for checking out my blog!

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